Customer Guide & Resources for the VW TDI Settlement

With the recent announcement from Volkswagen regarding the TDI Settlement, we wanted to provide a page that would offer help, guidance and resources that would assist current 2009 – 2016 Volkswagen 2.0L TDI owners (and in some cases former owners). We will keep this page updated with 3.0L information as Volkswagen releases it.

The first fact you should know is that Volkswagen will finalize the settlement on October 18th, and is available for owners to now register their vehicles.

The 6 minute video below will help you navigate Volkswagen’s online resource for proceeding with your settlement. We recommend watching it from start to finish first. Then play and pause it as you go online and work through each of the steps yourself.

Our entire Volkswagen Sales Team understands the process thoroughly and we’ve already helped several VW owners through the process while working within the VW program guidelines and rules.

Be sure to choose Autobahn as your dealer so we can keep you regularly updated as we get closer to settlement dates.

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Here’s the direct link:

(Please note there’s no sound to the video, as we wanted you to be able to watch it from anywhere with minimal interruption while working through the process yourself.)